As spring approaches, we are all becoming more aware of the damages our organism will go through during winter, especially after the holidays. It is now the right time to decide whether to do the detox before you start your diet.

As we all know adopting a few healthy habits will help you lose weight you gained during winter holidays. But before you start the healthy meal plan, exercise and drinking plenty of water, some say that you need a detox, which will basically mean that you will flush all the toxins from your organism.

The process of detoxification is cleaning of the organism from all the toxins that enter our body as a result of unhealthy food and lack of physical activity. Experts recommend to everyone to do a body detox once to twice a year. It will restore body functions, improve energy levels and improve general health of your organism.


Detoxification of the organism has become one of the leading world trends when healthy living is involved. A lot of experts consider that with the detox you will flush all the toxins that het into your body through the food we eat, products we use as well as the air we breathe. The big cleaning of organism can be achieved with fasting, significant lowering of the amount of food you eat, replacing hard with liquid food or just by drinking huge amounts of water.

Some of these methods can be really hard and restrictive and can cause more damage than benefit to the body. This is why you need to know few facts about the detox process before you decide to do it. And if you do these four kinds of detox are what we don’t recommend you do because are a little extreme.

Liquid detox

Liquid detox is the most popular way of organism detoxification when you use smoothies and similar kinds of drinks to flush toxins from your body.

Smoothies are tasty and nutritious and easy to make but the problems start when you get used to liquid food and reduce intake of fats and proteins from your daily meal plan. Even though fruits and vegetables are great way to start your day, every exaggeration will lower your blood sugar levels, lower your productivity and make you tired. this means that you can use the smoothie can replace a meal but make sure to also eat a hard cooked meal during the day.

Liver detox

Liver detox is another new trend which is done in order to improve the functioning of the liver but this is a little debatable because the liver is the organ that actually does the detoxification of the body and it doesn’t need the cleaning. So while one experts recommend it, other say that it is better to add a lot of fresh fruits and vegetables rich in dietary fiber to your meals and limit the amount of alcohol you drink. This will enable your liver to achieve highest performances in its role.

Limiting the food

Even though removing some groups of food may benefit you, detox that requires eliminating a lot of food groups from your daily meal plan may have negative effect on the general health of your organism.

Bowel detox

This is the kind of detox that we will recommend not to do on your own because it is usually done in the presence of a doctor. It can be extremely discomforting and dangerous because laxatives are medication that needs doctor’s prescription. This kind of detox may cause damage as cramps, diarrhea, and vomiting, bacterial infection, dehydration and heart and kidney problems.


While some say that our body doesn’t need to be cleaned of toxins since it already has its cleaning mechanism, others keep recommending it.

Before you decide, you have to know that detoxification is not a diet and even if you lose some weight, it will all come back when the process ends.

If you decide to do the detox just don’t make it extreme and don’t let it last too long otherwise you may deal with serious health issues.


If you decide that your body needs detox then we have few suggestions for tasty and effective smoothies to help you flush toxins out faster.

Green smoothie

You need: handful of spinach, handful of chard, one cucumber, one lime and half a lemon. Squeeze the juice out of lemon and lime, add other washed and chopped ingredients in a blender and add the squeezed juice. Blend until you get homogenized smooth liquid. Drink right away.

 Orange smoothie

You need: an apple, 2 carrots, 2 oranges, teaspoon of ginger or ginger powder and ½ glass of water.

Squeeze the juice of oranges. Wash and chop other ingredients and put everything in a blender. Mix until it is homogenized.

Coconut smoothie

You need: an apple, 4 tablespoons of oat flakes, 100 ml of almond milk, 50 ml of coconut water, 1 tablespoon of honey, ½ teaspoon of cinnamon. Chop the apple and put in a blender with all other ingredients and mix until it becomes smooth mass.

Banana smoothie

You need: banana, orange, an apple, a handful of spinach and a glass of water.

Squeeze the juice of an orange. Wash and chop other ingredients and put everything in a blender. Mix until all becomes smooth drink. Drink it right away.

Beetroot smoothie

You need: one apple, one beetroot, ½ lemon small piece of ginger and ½ glass of water.

Grate beet and ginger, chop the apple and squeeze lemon juice. Put all in blender and mix well. Drink it fresh.

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