In order to be healthy and protected, every organism needs strong immune system. It is what protects the organism from viruses, bacteria and microbes that can cause fatal damage to one’s health. In order to function properly, human body needs a range of nutrients, and one of the most crucial nutrients the immune system needs is vitamin C.


Kills microbes

Vitamin C is also known as ascorbic acid. This acid stimulates production of interferon and deactivates viruses that cause cold and flu as well as those that are responsible for diseases as rashes, herpes, mumps and polio. Vitamin C attacks nucleic acid of the virus and has the ability to get inside of virus cells and destroy them.

Vitamin C is also strong antioxidant that is effective against bacteria because it can completely destroy them. Vitamin C can kill bacteria that cause diseases as tetanus, diphtheria, tuberculosis.

Reduces inflammation

Vitamin C also has antihistaminic properties and can prevent allergies caused inflammations as well as soothe symptoms of allergies. This vitamin increases production of steroids that improve body’s reaction to inflammations and strengthen the immune system.

Strengthens connective tissues

Vitamin C is very important for synthesis of collagen. This element is important for connective tissues in our skin, muscles and bones. The stronger the tissues are they are more resistant to microbes. Cancer is a disease that spreads using enzymes to destroy collagen in the tissues and if the connective tissues are stronger it will be harder or impossible for the disease to spread fast.

White blood cells

Vitamin C increases and speeds up the production of white blood cells which are known as key to strong immune system. It also improves production of interferon in the cells. Increased number of strong white blood cells will protect you from any dangerous viruses, bacteria or microbes.

Production of antibodies

Vitamin E is known as producer of antibodies when the body is exposed to danger. Well vitamin C helps vitamin E do his production and speeds it up.

Absorption of iron

Keeping the optimal count of iron in the body is very important for strong immune system. The body needs iron to produce the t cells which are very important for strong immune system. But the body sometimes has problem absorbing the iron from the food, which is where vitamin C will help since it has the unique ability to improve absorption of iron.


Since we now know the importance of vitamin C for our body’s strong immune system and are especially efficient during flu season.

Since everyone already agrees that natural way to supply your organism with this vitamin here is a list of food that contains higher amount of vitamin C.


This fruit is rich source of vitamin C. Just a glass of fresh squeezed orange juice a day will help strengthen your immune system. If we have in mind that average daily need of vitamin C is 65 to 90 mg then a glass of orange juice will do its work.

Chili peppers

Chili peppers are also rich source of vitamin C. just half bowl of chili will give you about 107 mg of vitamin C, which is more than the recommended daily needs. Regular use of chili peppers will also help reduce muscle pain.  

Red peppers

Red peppers contain about 190 grams of vitamin C per serving, which is higher than oranges. They are also rich source of vitamin A that is also beneficial for your health.


Strawberries contain about 80 mg of vitamin C per serving and are also low in sugar and rich in fiber. They will not only supply you with good amount of vitamin C but also protect your heart and also whiten your teeth.


Kale has about 80 mg of vitamin C and is also good source of vitamin A and vitamin K and is one of the healthiest vegetables for you.


Broccoli is also rich in vitamin C and it also contains high amount of dietary fiber with only 30 calories per serving.  


A serving of papaya contains around 85 mg of vitamin C, but daily consumption of this fruit will also have positive effect on your skin and bones.


This fruit is rich in vitamin C and also contains enzymes that help digestion and prevent bloating.

Kiwi fruit

Kiwi fruit contains about 137 mg of vitamin C per serving which will be sufficient for your daily intake.  

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