Almonds are one of the healthiest nuts that you can choose in your healthy meal plan. According to numerous scientific studies, almonds have wide range of benefits for human health.

One serving of almonds(about 28 grams) has about 160 calories and it contains 3,5 grams fiber, 6 grams of protein, 14 grams of fats, 37 % of vitamin E, 32% of manganese, 20% of magnesium and decent amounts of copper, phosphorus and vitamin B2.



There are wide ranges of antioxidants that can be found in the skin of almonds, this is the main reason everyone recommends not to peel them off. Antioxidants protect the cells from oxidative stress which damages the molecules inside of the cells, causing premature aging and increasing risk of diseases and cancer. Studies also show that every day use of almonds in a period of a month can lower the level of oxidative stress by 35 percent in smokers.

Vitamin E

Vitamin E is also known for its antioxidant properties. It has the ability to stay on the cells membrane and protect the cells from damaging. Almonds are good natural source of vitamin E, since a serving of almonds will satisfy 37 percent vitamin E recommended daily needs. When you give your organism its needed amounts of vitamin E you will lower risk of heart diseases, cancer and Alzheimer’s.


Almonds contain very small amount of carbohydrates and a lot healthy fats, protein and fiber. These nuts are very rich source of magnesium, element that controls about 300 body processes. About 60 grams of almonds will give you 150 mg of magnesium, which is about 30 percent of recommended daily needs. Magnesium controls the level of sugar in the blood. According to researches, diabetics are usually magnesium deficient. This makes it harder for the organism to control the amount of sugar stable and disturb production of insulin. Almonds are recommended in prevention of metabolic syndrome and diabetes type 2.

Magnesium is also beneficial for regulation of blood pressure. Increased blood pressure is increasing the risk of heart diseases, stroke and kidney failure. If you are magnesium deficient, experts recommend almonds as good natural source of magnesium.


When the level of LDL cholesterol in the blood is high, the body is at increased risk of heart diseases.  An experiment showed that people that eat almonds every day can naturally lower the amount of bad cholesterol in the blood. Along with it, they can increase the level of HDL cholesterol and protect your heart and cardiovascular system.

Weight loss

Almonds can improve the functioning of your metabolism, and the body will not even absorb the 15 percent of the calories from the almonds. Almonds will prevent craving for snacks, and give your body all the healthy nutrients it needs. Almonds will also help you get rid of stomach fat very fast.

All you need is 20 almonds

Researches show that your organism will have amazing benefits if you eat only 20 almonds a day. This is the optimal amount because nuts are high in calories. 20 almonds contain about 160 calories, which is the amount of calories a snack should have, with the difference that this snack will give you 12 grams of unsaturated fats and 3 grams of fiber with less than a gram of carbohydrates.

Make your almonds healthier

You can make your almonds even healthier and it is easy. You need to put them in slightly salted water and let them soak for 12 hours. This will start the process of sprouting which is the actual goal. Then dry them on low or room temperature for 12 to 24 hours. When this is finished you have healthier almonds even though they may seem like they are looking moldy.

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