There is not better accessory than bright beautiful smile and white shinny teeth. But healthy and beautiful teeth will not just make you look better; they will make you feel better too.  Believe it or not, beautiful smile and white teeth is not something you need to spend a lot of money on. You can achieve it in your own home only natural ingredients.

Why our teeth change their color
Normal teeth color in adults is somewhere between white and yellowish. All of the shades between are completely natural teeth color. Even though it is so rare the natural color of teeth to be white we are all wishing for it.

Our teeth change their natural color as a result of genetics or our living habits. People that smoke have more yellow teeth compared to those that don’t smoke. Excess use of alcohol can also make your teeth yellow, as can too much coffee, tea or carbonated soft drinks. Your teeth can change color if you use antibiotics for longer period.

Healthy and balanced nutrition that is rich in fresh vegetables and fruits is key to white teeth as is regular hygiene: brushing with quality brush and paste, flossing and mouth wash.

Food that makes your teeth yellow

To avoid darker and yellow teeth you have to be careful what you eat and drink. There is a food that can significantly change the color of your teeth and make dark spots on them.

The second layer of our teeth is called dentin, has characteristic yellow- brownish color. If the tooth enamel is transparent or damaged our teeth look darker. When the enamel is thinner or destroyed it means teeth will look yellow.

Coffee is not a friend of white teeth. It can form dark spots on your teeth and make them darker then you want them to be. Tea can also cause similar damage, especially green and black tea. Alcohol can also make your teeth yellow as can carbonated drinks that also destroy teeth enamel. Candies and sweets are also threat to natural color of your teeth.

Food that can whiten your teeth

There is also a food group that can whiten your teeth and make them strong and healthy. We are talking about foods that have amazing benefits for organism health also.WHITEN-YOUR-TEETH-NATURALLY-IN-JUST-5-MINUTES-WITHOUT-DAMAGING-THEM-1

One is strawberry. This juicy berry is rich in acids that can make your teeth white and give you shinny smile. It is also very healthy fruit and besides you can eat it all you need to do is mash them and spread all over the teeth. Let the strawberry mash do its magic for a while and just rice off. Repeat the treatment for 10 days and you will be amazed by the shiny result.

Apple is also friendly fruit for your teeth. When you chew it your organism will produce more saliva and it will also remove bacteria and plaque from the teeth enamel.

Broccoli is also good for your teeth. It is a little harder to chew it because of its texture but it will sure whiten your teeth and make them healthier.


Baking soda
Baking soda has abrasive effect and it can remove plaque, dark spots and calculus from your teeth.
Add some baking soda to your tooth paste and brush for 3 minutes every day for 10 days. Then make a break.
Mix some baking soda with lemon juice to get thick mass that is similar to toothpaste. Apply on your brush and brush your teeth for 3 minutes. Use this treatment just once a week.WHITEN-YOUR-TEETH-NATURALLY-IN-JUST-5-MINUTES-WITHOUT-DAMAGING-THEM-2
You can also dip your brush in baking soda and thoroughly brush your teeth. Repeat treatment 3 times a week.
Baking soda has strong abrasive properties and it can harm the enamel of your teeth, therefore don’t use it too often and make sure you make a break after one period of use.

Coconut oil
This is probably one of the best ways to whiten your teeth naturally and it is completely harmless and without side effects. Coconut oil can be used as a tooth paste and thanks to its anti-inflammatory properties it can prevent fungi and bacteria grow in your oral cavity. Apply some coconut oil on the brush and just brush your teeth as usually for 3 minutes. Rinse off after you finish.
You can also mix some baking soda and coconut oil and brush your teeth with the mixture for 10 minutes. Wash off after.
If you want to see the effects you need to use coconut oil regularly for few weeks.

Activated charcoal is one of the most popular natural treatments for whitening of teeth. It is working very fast and it is cheap. All you need to do is put charcoal powder on the brush and carefully brush your teeth for 3 minutes. Then wash off well so that there are no black spots in your mouth. Repeat this treatment every day for about 10 days and then make a break of a month minimum.

Zeolite powder
A lot of people consider zeolite powder to be most effective for teeth whitening. It is considered to have wide range of health benefits for human organism. It is also very simple to use just apply on teeth and brush for a while. It will make a paste with saliva. Rinse off well after some time. Zeolite powder will remove bacteria, calculus and it will also remove tobacco stains. It works faster than every other natural product.

Even though turmeric has so intense yellow color it can be effective remedy for teeth whitening. Just dip your brush in and gently brush for 3-5 minutes. Then wash off with water. Effects are visible after just one use. Repeat the treatment 2 times a week.

Banana peel
This is probably the most simple but very effective natural treatment for teeth whitening. All you need to do is just rub your teeth with side of the banana peel for 5 minutes. Repeat the treatment every day.

Aluminum foil
Apply mixture of tooth paste and baking soda on a pieces of aluminum foil and place them so that all your teeth are covered. Leave on for 5 minutes and then remove and wash off.

Apple cider vinegar
You can use apple cider vinegar to rinse off oral cavity and also whiten your teeth but since it can destroy your teeth enamel it needs to be diluted in water before use.

Hydrogen peroxide
3% hydrogen peroxide can also whiten your teeth during rinsing of your mouth but it also is very invasive and you need to be careful with it.

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