Hypoglycemia is a disease that occurs when the amount of glucose in the blood drops below the normal level.

It is a disease that shows symptoms as sudden shivering, sweating, weakness, vertigo, vision problems and intense hunger. The condition is very common among people that suffer from diabetes and are on insulin therapy, but it is also not rare in healthy individuals. First symptoms happen early and harmless but hypoglycemia is a disease that should not be ignored.

Hypoglycemia or low blood sugar level is a condition that can point to serious damages and diseases that are going on inside your organism and it is necessary to diagnose it and start treating it on time.


After we eat the food goes in the digestive system and our body starts the process of digestion, when the food is being processed down to small nutrients that our body absorbs through the blood stream.

When we eat the food that is rich in carbohydrates, it releases glucose in the process of digestion. The glucose is absorbed through our blood stream but it can’t get into the cells without the help of insulin. People with diabetes deal with lower level of insulin and therefore they are usually affected with hypoglycemia. It is also very likely for one to suffer from low blood sugar level as a result of unhealthy and irregular nutrition, use of some medication, alcohol, and in rare cases excess physical activity. Some diseases like hepatitis, pancreas cancer, and hormonal imbalance can be cause of hypoglycemia.WHAT-IS-HYPOGLYCEMIA-AND-HOW-TO-DEAL-WITH-IT-NATURALLY-2

The reason why low blood sugar affects healthy people is in nutrition. When you feel hungry, eat less than usual, when you are on diet, especially restrictive one, or during fasting.  The level of blood sugar can sometimes rapidly drop after bigger meal and overeating because that is when pancreas produces more insulin.


Hypoglycemia usually is manifested through symptoms like increased heart beating, vertigo, tiredness, weakness, confusion, increased sweating, shivering, pale skin, tingling around the lips, extreme feeling of hunger. When you start experiencing first symptoms of low blood sugar you need to start treating it properly so that you avoid further health complications. if hypoglycemia becomes common then the symptoms are more serious and among them are absolute confusion, problems with your simple daily routines, problems with body coordination, concentration problems, blurred vision similar vision problems, stiff mouth and tongue, insomnia, dizziness and hypoglycemic coma.  In the most critical moments, people with low blood sugar act as under influence of alcohol, they find it hard to speak right, have problem with body coordination and walking.

If you are familiar with some of these symptoms then see your doctor to do blood tests that will show the amount of sugar in the blood and determine the real cause of hypoglycemia so that you can start treating it as soon as possible.


Hypoglycemia is a condition that requires immediate help for a person that is experiencing the sudden drop of sugar in the blood.  The problem can be usually solved with a glass of water with sugar, some fruit juice, or some candy. If it helps then you need to eat some food that you usually do so that you can stabilize your organism. If the symptoms keep showing then it is necessary to see a doctor so that you get proper medical care. Medical treatments are usually made to keep the level of glucose in the blood on normal and consist of glucagon injections. It is also recommended to have something sweet you can eat immediately if you keep struggling with symptoms of hypoglycemia.WHAT-IS-HYPOGLYCEMIA-AND-HOW-TO-DEAL-WITH-IT-NATURALLY-1

It is important to know that hypoglycemia is a disease that requires proper treatment because it can cause further serious damage in your body. If you don’t treat it and decide to ignore it you may suffer from  more serious consequences that include loss of feeling in your arms and legs, consciousness hypoglycemic coma and death.

Hypoglycemia in pregnancy

Low level of glucose in the blood is very common during pregnancy. It can vary from mild to extreme form of hypoglycemia and it is a problem that requires medical attention.

The symptoms are similar to those that appear in early pregnancy like vertigo, sickness, headache and sleepiness. Hypoglycemia can cause serious consequences to both the mother and the baby if not properly treated. Therefore it is recommended for pregnant women to visit their doctor regularly and control their pregnancy as well as the health of the mother and the baby.

Control the level of sugar in the blood through nutrition

Proper nutrition is the key to your health as well as control of the level of sugar in the blood. If you deal with this problem you need to adopt healthy food routine that is similar to one people with diabetes stick to. You need to eliminate food that contains simple sugars and eat food that is rich in complex carbs or fiber. Your healthy diet needs food that is rich in protein, potassium, magnesium, iron, chromium which has the important role in the metabolism of sugars. All these nutrients also improve the functioning of the heart, brain, liver and pancreas. You need to eat at least 5 meals a day.  That will normalize your metabolism and it will also keep your body energized all the time.

Make sure you eat healthy and regularly and control the level of sugar in the blood so that you can get rid of this disease.


Nature has remedy for every disease and has more than one that can help you regulate the low blood sugar. Here are some herbs that work as natural regulator of blood sugar that you can use as addition to your healthy diet.

Green tea is rich in antioxidants. It can help with hypoglycemia because the harmful effects of free radicals are one of causes of low blood sugar. A cup of green tea a day will supply your body with the amount of antioxidants it needs to protect itself from free radicals.

Ginseng is natural regulator of blood sugar. It improves the work of pituitary gland which speeds up the production of glucose in the blood and also improves the work of hormones and increases the level of energy in the body.

WHAT-IS-HYPOGLYCEMIA-AND-HOW-TO-DEAL-WITH-IT-NATURALLY-4Dandelion root is rich in calcium and beneficial for pancreas health as well as proper functioning of liver. A cup of dandelion root tea in the afternoon hours will sure be beneficial if you deal with hypoglycemia.

Liquorice root is used as natural remedy that improves the work of adrenal glands. This plant can efficiently increase the level of glucose in the blood without stimulating insulin production. You can use this herb by drinking water that you cooked in liquorice root in for a while once a day after a meal.

Great yellow gentian or the bitter root is also regulating the level of sugar in the blood. It may have bitter and unpleasant taste but it is really healthy. Make a tea by soaking some bitter root in boiling water and let it stay a while. Drink while warm.

Milk thistle is a plant similar to great burdock and is one of the most beneficial plant that can improve the regeneration of cells and detoxification of liver and keep in control the amount of glucose in the blood.WHAT-IS-HYPOGLYCEMIA-AND-HOW-TO-DEAL-WITH-IT-NATURALLY-3

Blueberries have ability to control the amount of sugar in the blood and lower the intensity our organism reacts to glucose. You can use them fresh, frozen, like jam or juice; blueberries will help you deal with hypoglycemia naturally.

Few more notes

Hypoglycemia is a disease that can affect anyone. The way we live today is pretty intense and stressed and we are regularly skipping meals and eat food that is not healthy. Leading healthy life can help you deal with this disease. Balance your meals and eat small amounts of food in intervals of 4-5 hours. Don’t overeat and keep in mind that healthy snack will do better than a candy. Physical activity will help you stay in condition and it will also help regulate the amount of glucose in the blood. Control the level of glucose regularly and stick to the therapy your doctor has given, adding some of these recommendations alternative medicine has. Hypoglycemia is a disease that can be controlled and you can avoid any kind of complication just by sticking to few simple rules.

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