Prostate cancer is a kind of this disease that grows slow limiting his stay on the gland over years. During this period, it can exist showing few to none symptoms and therefore it is very hard to diagnose. And it will start to progress with aging.

The bigger part of older people that are affected show no symptoms, but when they start manifesting they usually are obstructions in the urinary system, weight loss, bone pain and few neurological problems.

Symptoms of prostate cancer

Most common symptoms of prostate tumor are urination problems, blood in the urine or sperm, erectile dysfunction, pain in the pelvis area, weakness in the legs, weight loss, tiredness and nausea.

While it is in the early stages, the treatment is usually successful. One of the treatments include surgical procedure of direct removing of the cancer. Other treatments include chemotherapy, or hormonal therapy. Alternative methods are also helpful in treating prostate cancer.

If the cancer spreads to other organs such as lungs, lymph nodes or bones it becomes impossible to cure even though it can be successfully controlled.

Since prostate cancer spreads slowly, most men in older age die without even knowing they had prostate cancer.

Prevention of prostate cancer

Nutrition can affect prostate cancer. As researches show, men that eat red meat and fats are at higher risk. Meat that is cooked on higher temperatures can contain things that cause cancer and harm prostate. Countries where meat and dairy are among the most common sources of food have more cases of prostate cancer. It is very rare in Asian, African and South American countries.

As one kind of food can cause prostate cancer, there is other kinds of food that can help blocking the cancer causing elements and successfully prevent this type of cancer. Researches show that one kind of vegetables can is highly effective for prevention and it is broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, Brussels sprouts and kale.

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