The number of people that deal with joint pain is very high and even though it is considered as health condition that affects older population, there are so many young and active people suffering from it.

Joint pain is very strong and unpleasant. You can feel it as a constant stubbing pain that occurs while in sitting position. If you start walking the pain continues and is usually followed with intense feeling of dull friction inside of it. Since our joints are the reason our body is flexible, joint pain causes the feeling of general pain in your body. Joint pain is usually a cause of aging, arthritis, or some sort of sport injury. We will sure recommend you talk to your doctor, especially if the pain is persistent, but we have for you few natural ways that can help you go through the pain easily.


The “RICE”

This natural method is a combination of actions that will help you deal with joint pain. It is especially recommended in any sport injuries but it can also help with arthritis caused joint pain.

According to this method you need to follow these actions Rest, Ice, Compression, and Elevation.

 Rest is very important in joint and knee pain since it is very important the injured joint to remain in one place and it is also recommended to be elevated so the fluids that can cause swelling don’t accumulate around it.

Ice compress on the painful joint few times a day can soothe inflammation and relieve the pain. Make sure the cold compression is not too tight.

Yoga or tai chi

First thing we recommended when joint pain attacks is rest, but that is best at the beginning when the pain is intense. After the pain is suppressed you will need to start working on the flexibility of your joints which will strengthen jour joints and also prevent further injuries. Low intensity exercises are recommended in smaller and frequent training sessions. Yoga or tai chi is the perfect choice for this problem because the exercises will improve your mobility but the meditation will also help you deal with chronic pain.

Weight loss

If you feel you have those few extra pounds you need to loose do that because your joints will be grateful. The more weight they have to carry the more stressed and pressured your joints are. Increased body weight increases the risk of joint injury. Even though weight loss is not an easy process, your joints, especially your knees will feel it immediately. If the reason for your joint pain is arthritis, weight loss is the first step your doctor will recommend.

Natural oils

There are so many recipes that can help you make your own joint pain creams, a lot of researches show that combination of some natural oils can have the same effect. Some of the most effective natural oils you can use for joint pain are cinnamon, ginger and sesame seeds oil. Use them by massaging them in on your injured and pain affected joints.

Ginger extract

Ginger is a spice that has very common use in the kitchen. It is also one of the most effective natural remedies for nausea and weight loss. But ginger also has analgesic effects and can be used  for pain relieve in joint pain. As researches show, patients that used ginger extract along with the recommended therapy had better results in dealing with the joint pain.

We sincerely hope that some of these methods will help you if you suffer from joint pain as well as knee pain. There are a lot of people that don’t like to use synthetic medication for this kind of health problems so this article may be useful for them. However, we recommend you see a doctor, especially if the pain is severe, persistent and followed with swelling or any other side effect.

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