Are you sleep deprived? Do you have problem deciding even if it is some irrelevant thing? Do you crave being alone away from everyone? If yes then you do have to take care of your mental health and try to help yourself on time because you are seriously close to a nervous breakdown. Keep reading to find out about more important signs of this health condition.

You dream about running away

Every person has certain level of emotional flexibility that helps us get through traumatic events and periods of depression. Dreaming about running away from the situation you live in is a part of that mechanism. The limbic system in the brain registers that the situation you are in is a threat to your health and it sends you the message to run away. Prefrontal cortex of the brain responds to these impulses with logical thoughts as “I have to hold on”, “I can go through this”, I have to try harder”. But if you don’t see any other way out except running away or accepting the sorrow then you are in the so called black and white pattern of thinking, which is a clear sign of anxiety and depression. Even though you are seeing escape or accepting as two possible decisions, there are so many other solutions that are visible to everyone else except you.

You never relax

Anxiety has cumulative effect so it is very important to find some time to relax every day. Shutting off from your worries for a while will help a lot. Unfortunately, when anxiety and depression are a part of every your day it is hard to accept the fact that just sitting calm and breathing for a while can bring you positive change in your situation.

You can’t make a decision

When some small and insignificant decisions are hard for you to make, it’s a sign that there is something wrong with your mental health. you can even get stuck at a decision of what kind of cereal you want for breakfast, and it is fear of mistaking that is behind all this as well as doubt in yourself and your ability.

You want to be alone

When you feel like you are stuck with responsibilities and emotions, you have that instinctive need to isolate yourself because your brain wants to avoid every extra stimulation and effort. But this is also a problem because lack of support from your environment can make your situation worse and even cause feeling of loneliness and negative perspective.

You can’t sleep

Sleep problems are classic symptom of depression and anxiety. The body metabolizes the hormones of stress during sleep which means that if you don’t sleep you can’t regulate your level of stress, instead you are accumulating it. Worrying about sleeping problems will cause extra anxiety.

You have panic attacks

When anxiety is not treated it can cause panic attacks. After the first panic attack you will start to worry that the next one will follow, and that worry is more dangerous for your mental health than the panic attack.

You are sabotaging yourself

Even though you are aware that sugar is bad and that too much alcohol will increase the risk of anxiety and depression and still you keep eating candy and you drink almost compulsive.  This intentional harming is unconscious cry for help because you may think that if you really get physically sick someone will notice and make you rest and heal.  

You are losing self confidence

Even though hard work and effort are your common standards, you are in a situation when nothing works as it should no matter how hard you try. Maybe deep down you are aware that it is not your fault but you keep feeling like you messed something up and you are ashamed about it in front of everyone. And you also keep trying to find yourself because you think that you are not as able and successful as you used to be.

If you are affected with one or more of these symptoms talk about it. Seek for help because mental problems are very serious problems and if not treated can often have tragic outcome.

Mental health is as important as physical health and therefore we need to take care of it and try to help ourselves as fast as we can.

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