Human body is an amazing machine that has everything inside linked. What happens inside usually shows out. If it all functions normally then things outside look perfect. But sometimes thinks don’t work as they are supposed to and then the body starts signaling by sending signs you should be able to see and be able to help your organism.


Gray hair
Gray hair means you are getting old but it is unusual symptom before the age of 40. Science says that genetics has a lot to do with graying of hair, but if you by any chance notice that about 50% of your hair is gray and you are younger than 40 then you may want to check the level of your blood sugar because this is one of the most common symptoms of diabetes.SIGNS-ON-YOUR-BODY-THAT-WARN-YOU-HAVE-SERIOUS-HEALTH-PROBLEMS-1

Bigger percent of moles that are very common in some people are harmless. But some of them can be very dangerous, especially once that appear after your skin is exposed to sunlight for longer period. Exposure to UV light can cause permanent damages on the skin known as keratosis which is growing of keratin on the skin that is considered one of common pre cancer changes on the skin.

White of the eye
White of the eye or sclera should always be white. When changes occur on this part of the body they may indicate dangerous health conditions that are happening in your organism. If the whie of your eye has yellow color you may have jaundice or some kind of liver or bile problems and if its color is red you may have high blood pressure or conjunctivitis.

Chapped lips
Dry and chapped lips are very common when the weather is cold and windy. But if you notice cracks and small wounds on the corners of your mouth then your body may be struggling with lack of vitamin B or zinc and if chapped lips are very common problem then you are probably dealing with some kind of yeast infection.

Swollen neck
Swollen neck is a condition that requires medical care. If you notice swelling on the front part of the neck it may have to do with thyroid gland problems which are very common in women between 20 and 50 years of age.

The hairs of the eyebrows become thinner and lose them with age. But if your eyebrows completely fall off then your thyroid gland works too fast or too slow. If falling out of eye brows is usually followed with intense falling out of hair then see your doctor as soon as possible.

Red palms
The palms of your hands are irritated and red then you may be dealing with dermatitis, eczema, or food, medication or allergy of other kind. This condition is also indicator to problems and diseases of the liver and therefore it is recommended to see an expert if you are witnessing redness on your palms that has no explanation.

Your nails can tell you so many things about your health, and you just need to study them carefully and see what is going on in your organism. If your nails are pale you may need a blood test because it is a clear symptom of anemia. Weak and brittle nails can indicate on problems with thyroid gland. White lines on your nails may indicate you have lack of proteins in your organism while bluish nails point to lack of oxygen or some kind of problems with respiratory organs or the heart.

Cold feet
Feet are the part of the body that first shows if something is not right with your cardiovascular organs. There are various diseases that can be linked SIGNS-ON-YOUR-BODY-THAT-WARN-YOU-HAVE-SERIOUS-HEALTH-PROBLEMS-2to cold feet. One of the most dangerous is called Raynaud’s disease which is autoimmune disease that is causes the arteries to shrink which results with coldness and tingling in the toes and feet.

Red cheeks 
Changes in the color of the cheeks are very common in women between 30 and 60 years of age. Red cheeks can be caused with hormonal changes, changes in the body temperatures and also spicy food, red cheeks are also symptom of rosacea. Rosacea is chronic skin disease that is very common in women and the cause is still unknown to medicine.

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