Heart attack is a condition that happens when a blood cloth is blocking the blood flow through coronary arteries to the heart muscle. this temporary block of blood flow can damage and even destroy some parts of the heart muscle and can be fatal in some cases. Even though the post heart attack treatment has become more successful through years it is still most important to recognize the symptoms and to seek for help fast.


One of the most common symptoms of heart attack that most patients feel is pain in the middle of the chest that may strike through the jaw, neck through the arm. The intensity of the pain may vary from just pressure and tightening in the chest to intense unbearable pain. The pain can be lasting or pass fast.REASONS-PERFECTLY-HEALTHY-PEOPLE-CAN-HAVE-HEART-ATTACK-1

Other symptoms that may point to heart attack are sickness, nausea, digestion problems, heartburn, and stomach pain, shortness of breath, anxiety, cold sweat, vertigo, tiredness and sleeping problems.

These symptoms are different in every person. As some people feel just weak pain some experience intense dramatic attacks of pain. Some people don’t even have symptoms the heart simply stops.  However the more symptoms you have the higher chance of heart attack you have. The heart attack can happen any time all of a sudden or after previous warnings.


As we already said before the heart attack occurs when one or more arteries that supply the heart with blood is blocked. The blockages are usually resulting of blood cloths. Our arteries can become narrow in time as different kinds of particles are gathered around their walls. These particles are called plaque. It can pop and form a blood cloth which blocks the blood flow to the heart.

Another possible cause of heart attack is a cramp of coronary artery which stops the blood flow to the m heart. These cramps are caused by some synthetic substances.

Heart attack can also be a result of lowered amounts of blood that gets to the heart as a result of low blood pressure.


But heart attack doesn’t always affect people that deal with arteriosclerosis or have some health disorder. It can also affect people that are perfectly healthy, that eat healthy, exercise, and don’t drink medication.  Various scientific researches gave us another kind of causes of heart attack that most of us don’t even think of. These are the reasons that may cause heart attack or increase the risk of one in people that are perfectly healthy.

Emotional pain
A sciREASONS-PERFECTLY-HEALTHY-PEOPLE-CAN-HAVE-HEART-ATTACK-2entific research that was analyzing data of around 12 500 patients that were around 58 years average,  that suffered heart attack for the first time and non of them suffered any kind of heart disease. They discovered that almost all of the patients noted that they suffered significant emotional pain or heard disturbing news that affected them just one day before the attack occurred.

This is because physical and emotional pain has pretty similar effect on the body. both kinds of pain can make changes on the bloodstream and that way affect the amount of blood and oxygen that gets to the heart. This is the main reason that every person needs to adopt some kind of mechanism that will protect them from stress, knowing what it can do to the organism.

Another interesting research discovered that the risk of heart attack increases even 8.5 times after episodes of intense anger. According to this research a trigger for heart attack can be fights with family members as well as other people and fights and nervousness that you go through at work.

Anger as well as anxiety can affect on your pulse and increase it to the point it causes pressure in the arteries and blood cloths that significantly increase the risk of heart attack.

A research of famous institute discovered that divorced people are at higher risk of heart attack compared to those that are married or single. Divorce can increase the risk of heart attack by even 18 percent. This study also discovered that divorced men are at higher risk compared to women with sane marital status.

People that suffer from insomnia face with risk of heart attack increased by even 45 percent.REASONS-PERFECTLY-HEALTHY-PEOPLE-CAN-HAVE-HEART-ATTACK-3

Sleep problems and insomnia are health problems that are easily treatable and therefore it is important people to become aware that there is a link between insomnia and heart attack. This will make everyone that have any kind of sleep disorders to solve the problem before it causes another one. A cup of chamomile or Valerian tea will be useful if you have problems with sleep.

The changes that woman’s body goes through during pregnancy can increase the risk of heart attack in the time of pregnancy as well as 3 months after giving birth.  These changes include hormonal imbalance as well as increased amount of blood that passes through the body. this heart attacks that happen in the period of pregnancy are very difficult and can lead to numerous complications especially because they cant be submitted to standard treatment and therapy in order to protect the health of the fetus. This is the reason women should take care of their heart health during pregnancy and do the standard check ups.

Air pollution
There is a study that compared experiences of around 16 000 people that suffered 3 different kinds of heart attack. The patients tried to determine the link between the amount of air pollution and heart attack and discovered that the low quality of air is linked to heaviest cases of heart attack.

This is why people that have symptoms of heart attack or those that already suffered from heart attack should spend more time on fresh air away from city polluted air.

A scientific research that was conducted during period of 6 years discovered that every temperature drop of 10 degrees Celsius increases the risk of heaviest kind of heart attack by 7 percent. It is already well known that sudden weather changes can affect everyone;s health and it is especially recommended to people that already deal with some kind of heart disease to limit the time they spend in the cold.

Drinking too much alcohol is causing permanent damages to the whole organism and studies also linked alcohol to increased risk of heart fibrillation, heart attack and even heart failure.

Scientists confirmed that people that smoke have increased risk of heart attack compared to non smokers or people that quit smoking. Smokers that are above 50 years are at higher risk of heart attack since they already usually deal with other dangerous health problems as high cholesterol, high blood pressure or diabetes.


Even though heart attack is very dangerous health problem, 2 of 3 people will successfully recover.  The most important thing you have to know is that it is a condition that requires medical help so don’t try to diagnose it on your own. React in time so that the consequences are not fatal.

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