Pre diabetes is a condition your body goes through before you are diagnosed with diabetes. Considering the fact that diabetes is usually diagnosed when it’s too late to prevent it, discovering this condition is very important so that the patient can change the eating and living habits that lead to increased level of blood sugar.

So pre diabetes is when your blood sugar is significantly increased, but it’s not enough to diagnose diabetes. Recent studies confirmed that diabetes type 2 is a disease that can lower quality of life and shorten it by 10 years. Luckily pre-diabetes is as open warning and you can restore your health to normal using balanced diet and healthy lifestyle.

In order to react on time you need to notice some of the most alarming symptoms of this condition.


People that have high blood pressure have more chances of developing pre-diabetes. Hypertension has very negative effect on the heart muscle since it pumps blood more intensely through the whole body which makes it harder to remove sugar from the blood flow. Hypertension and pre-diabetes increase the risk of more serious conditions as heart attack.

Blurred vision

Increased sugar in the blood can harm the vision. Sudden changes in the blood sugar make the water level in the eye increase. It can result in swelling and change in the form of the eye. All this disables you to focus and your vision to be blurred. Blurred vision can be a symptom to other diseases and health conditions so make sure you see a doctor if you are dealing with it.

Skin problems

Increased concentration of insulin in the blood can cause changes on the skin such as dry and irritated skin that itches and is hyper pigmented. If you notice this symptom, talk to your doctor, because it can also be a sign of more than one disease.


Gout is another disease that can be linked to pre-diabetes. It is usually caused by unhealthy nutrition. People that are obese are at higher risk of gout as well as pre-diabetes.


Sugar is the fuel for human organism. But if you don’t control the amount of sugar you will eat, insulin will not be able to transform it to fuel and it will end up in the blood stream. This is when the body sends the signal that it needs more fuel and you are hungry again. Increased appetite is a result of unstable levels of blood sugar and it needs to be controlled on time.


Increased level of blood sugar can also cause tiredness, because the body needs fuel to move and it doesn’t have the strength. So when the organism is tired it needs rest and when it rests more you will gain weight easier.


You are thirstier than you used to be, especially after meals? That can be a sign you have pre-diabetes. Since the body expels the extra sugars through urine, you will need to urinate more frequently and then you will get thirsty more often. If you notice that you are thirsty no matter how much water you drink then its time you visit your doctor.

 Pre diabetes is the alarm to change. Even though there is no need to panic, talk to your doctor and make sure you do everything you need on time. Studies show that pre-diabetes will develop into diabetes in about half of the cases, so start working on time. Adopt healthy lifestyle, make sure you eat healthy and balanced meals and drink a lot of water and control the amount of sugar that enters your organism. Some form of physical activity will help you a lot.

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