People used many spices as natural remedies for long time. There are so many of them with amazing benefits for our health and are used in almost every treatment of folk medicine.

One of the most popular spices with wide range of health benefits is turmeric. This spice originates from Asia and is a root with intensive yellow color. Besides its use in the Asian cuisine, turmeric is well known for its benefits in treating arthritis, heart diseases and even cancer.

Many scientific researches state that the health benefits of turmeric come from curcumin. It has strong antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, and with regular use it can improve the functioning of the immune system. The most important part is that this antioxidant improves the organism to fight against chronic inflammatory diseases and protects it from free radicals that are a cause of numerous diseases.


Brain and nervous system

The nutrients that can be found in turmeric have positive effect on brain and nervous system. Turmeric helps production of hormones that are responsible for mental health and which deficit causes disorders as depression and Alzheimer’s disease.  Studies also show that turmeric can prevent formation of plaque in the veins that improves flow of oxygen in the brain. When we regularly use turmeric the concentration of NSCs cells in the brain significantly increases.  This is very important because these are the cells that transform in neurons. Even though this is recent study, experts say that this finding can help in discovering the causes of dementia and a cure for it.

 Heart and cardiovascular system

Turmeric can be used as prevention for heart and cardiovascular diseases. Turmeric improves the functioning of endothelium, the elements that are on the walls of blood vessels and protects them from storing fat. Endothelium is considered one of the most important elements for healthy heart and cardiovascular system and it is very important to improve its function and keep it healthy.

According to a conducted experiment, with every day use of curcumin for a week period you can lower the amount of cholesterol by 12 percent and 33 percent of oxidized cholesterol.  at the same time you can increase the levels of good cholesterol by 29 percent.


Various studies show that curcumin has amazing anti-cancer properties, because it effectively prevents formation of cancer cells, stops their multiplication and prevent metastasis.

Medical experts know turmeric as anti-cancer polyphenol that can efficiently initiate suicide of most powerful cancer cell at the same time preventing new cancer cells to develop, all this without any side effects on the healthy cells. Some recent studies show that curcumin can be effective in cases of cancer that are already resistant to chemo therapy.


Arthritis is considered autoimmune degenerative disease that affects the bones and joints. Arthritis is a disease that is treated with a variety of medication have many negative side effects. That is why it is important for the patient to try alternative treatments that are proven effective. Turmeric is very effective arthritis remedy because of its ability to stop the anti-inflammatory processes that go inside of joints and it also prevents the disease to develop.

There are studies that show that turmeric can have more powerful effect than ibuprofen that is used for pain and stiffness. Curcumin is proven to be more effective than all standard pain medication used for this purpose.

Skin care

Curcumin is ingredient in variety of anti-aging cosmetic products, which is why turmeric is a spice with various beauty benefits. Turmeric can be used as a main ingredient in various kinds of face mask that can help slow down aging of the skin, reduce hyper pigmentation, heal scars and marks and refresh the skin.

Turmeric has anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties which will help treating acne and pimples. Since it has the ability to shrink the blood vessels it can be used to reduce swelling and bags under the eyes.

Curcumin improves and strengthens the membranes of skin cells and improves their regeneration.  In combination with other natural remedies it can be effective beauty treatment for various skin problems.

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