Osteoporosis is a medical condition that is very common among female population over 65 years. It is characterized with fragile and breakable bones, because it happens when the bone tissue loses its density. It is a disease that can advance slowly and since we usually ignore the first symptoms, we become aware of it when bone fractures become very common condition.

Osteoporosis is very serious disease and it is necessary to notice the first symptoms and start the treatment on time.  

Medication side effects

There are some kind of medication that contain corticosteroids, birth control shots anti-depressants and anti-cancer medication that can cause osteoporosis. Even if you are younger than 65, and use some of these kinds of medication, see a doctor right after you start noticing some kind of changes going on in your bones, such as stabbing pain, moving pain  or discomfort in the joints. There are certain kinds of chemicals in these kinds of medication that can harm the bone tissue. If you notice side effects of the medication you use call your doctor before you decide to stop your therapy on your own.

Height loss

When we start to grow, we usually stop constantly measuring our height. And then when we start getting old it is normal to lose few centimeters of our height. But this can also happen before its time. The fact that you are few centimeters lower then you used to be, it will be recommended to talk to a doctor because losing height is one of the most common early signs of osteoporosis.

Vitamin D deficiency

Vitamin D is the key to healthy bones. It helps the body to absorb calcium that builds the bones. If you suffer from vitamin D deficiency it will show in a form of mild pain in the bones as well as muscle weakness. Even though vitamin D deficiency is not the indication that you have osteoporosis, if it’s combined with other symptoms can be indication that you are prone to this health condition. You can supply your organism with vitamin D from foods like egg yolk, fish and fish oil, milk, and make sure you get a lot of sunlight, because it’s the only way it can get synthetized.

 Muscle and joint pain

Osteoporosis is a disease that develops slowly, usually without any disturbing signs and symptoms. Before the disease becomes chronic, you may start to feel muscle and joint pain. There are also cases when small fractures happen on the bones that the patient is not even aware of. They usually heal on their own and are followed with pain in the bones that is more intense. Back pain is another clear symptom because of compression in the vertebras. And since the link between bones and muscles is weaker, you may also start to feel muscle pain because the bones are not able to provide them the needed support. You will need to consider alarming if you are not able to stand up from a chair without using your arms as a support.


Bone fractures can happen to everyone through life. But if they become very common then it is a sign that you need to see a doctor. Talk to your doctor especially if the fractures happen during every day activities that are usual for you. The fractures are a sign that the bone tissue is weak and you will need medical treatment to improve its condition.

These symptoms are also signs that your organism is getting old and can be present in people in their 30’s. However if you are dealing with more than one of the symptoms, you need to see a doctor in order to help you improve the health of your bones.

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