Anxiety is unreasonable feeling of worry, fear, apprehension and nervousness that can transform into panic attacks, usually followed with physical symptoms such as heavy breathing, increased heart rate and heat or cold waves through the body.

Anxiety is a kind of health disorder that is mostly affecting female population. It can happen suddenly and it is hard to control it and it can be caused by certain situation or person.

Anxiety can be triggered by strong emotional stress, long term tension, worry, negative surrounding, and in some cases even hormonal imbalance.


Science believes that genetics as well as some kind of trauma can be a reason for anxiety. Everyone will face with anxiety at some point in life and therefore it is considered condition rather than real medical problem. There are also those kinds of cases where anxiety can harm normal every day functioning and make significant changes in the nerve cells, causing other psychological disorders.


When you are constantly concerned and worried your organism will start to suffer and experience changes in normal functioning, mental and emotional condition. That constant worry and tension is causing stress and it is the reason that symptoms of anxiety and stress are similar.

Some of most common causes are stiffness and tingling through the body, chest pain, headache, vertigo, tension, pulsing in your ears. Among other symptoms is stomach problems, nausea, and dry mouth, shortness of breath, sweating, cold or hot waves, nervousness, obsessive thinking, sleep problems, hiding from reality, and feeling lost.

Even though almost every patient has similar symptoms their intensity may vary from one case to another.


General anxiety disorder
Every single person in the world gets anxious from time to time, but when someone starts to worry all the time and about everything, this turns to anxiety disorder that has tendency to become phobia or paranoia that can significantly lower the quality of person’s life and if not treated it can sometimes change to most serious mental disorders as bipolar or depression.

Anxiety or panic attack
Panic or anxiety attacks are episodes of intense apprehension and fear. The attacks are sudden and make the patient feels like losing control and become completely overtaken by fear with strong urge to run away. The panic attack can last minutes to hours and some people even compare it with heart attack.

Obsessive compulsive disorder
This kind of anxiety disorder usually affects people with lower self-confidence. Not sure in itself the person needs to repeat one single move over and over until certain that it is doing the right thing. The patient will become overflown with unwanted actions or thoughts that are impossible to stop.

Social anxiety disorder
People suffering from social anxiety are always concerned what the society will think about them and how will people react to them. These people fear denial from the environment and they are suffering from lack of self-confidence.

Post-traumatic stress disorder
This disorder is manifested with strong anxious reactions triggered by past event. It may be followed with nightmares and vivid memories as well as intense panic attacks. People suffering post-traumatic stress disorder find it hard to forget about the situation that has triggered this disorder

Selective muteness
This is a disorder that affects school children and is manifested sudden muteness when it is expected to talk. It can happen in school as well as at home and it can become obstacle later in life.

Phobia is extreme form of fear of something, most commonly heights, closed space, flying, falling, and dogs


Chamomile tea is considered as mild and it has no side effects. It can relieve tension and relax you, soothe the feeling of apprehension and fear and help you sleep better. Chamomile is one of the best plants for anxiety, especially treating children with this kind of disorders. Make sure you have a cup of chamomile tea every day for peaceful day.

Green tea
It is probably one of the healthiest drinks in the world and it can also be considered as one of the best plants for anxiety. Green tea contains a compound L-theanine that reduces tension and anxiety and also regulates the blood pressure and heart rate. Green tea is also packed with antioxidants that will protect your organism from harmful effects.

Hops are famous as ingredient in process of beer production. When it comes to anxiety people use hops to make pillows that will tranquilize you and improve the quality of your sleep. Essential oil made of hops also has soothing effects therefore hops are considered one of the most effective plants for anxiety.

People knew about the soothing powers of lavender plant since ancient times. It has been used to soothe nerves and tension in the body. New scientific researches proved that lavender really has that tranquilizing effect on the nerves. If you are anxious person it will be good if you have lavender all around you. It isn’t matter if you are using dry, fresh or essential oil, lavender is for sure one of the best plants for anxiety.

Lemon balm
Lemon balm also has wide use as a plant for anxiety and stress. It will also help you with fears, phobias and depression. It is important to know that you need to use lemon balm tea regularly for longer period but don’t exaggerate with the amount of tea you drink because it may have negative effect. After 2 months of regular use it is recommended to make at least 15 days break before you start again.

Another one of plants for anxiety, Valerian is very useful because of its power to soothe the nervous system and relaxes the muscles. Valerian can also help you with phobias and fears and improve your mood.

St. John’s wort 
St. John’s wort is one of the most popular plants for anxiety. It can also help with depression and sudden mood swings. St. John’s wort can be used to prepare tea and you can also use its oil. The oil is prepared from St. John’s wort plant and some base oil usually olive oil. It is recommended to take 20-30 drops of this oil 3 times a day on empty stomach.


Besides using one of the plants for anxiety there are few more things you can do to help yourself with anxiety disorders.

Healthy snack 
It is scientifically proved that people get anxious when they are hungry. When you feel attack of anxiety it may be because the level of sugar in the blood has dropped and the best thing you need to do is ear quick healthy snack as handful of nuts, spoon of peanut butter or few pieces of dark chocolate.

Protein breakfast
Researches showed that people that skip breakfast are more likely to suffer from anxiety attacks. Make sure you always eat your breakfast and best choice is eggs because they are rich in protein and they also contain holine a compound that protects you from anxiety.

Breathing exercises
Knowing how to breathe right can help you stay calm and get together when dealing with anxiety attacks. Sit straight and close your eyes, focus on the breathing and what does it feel like when air is filling your lungs. Breathing is very effective in dealing with anxiety and stress.

Work out
Experts say that exercise of exactly 21 minutes is a solution for reducing anxiety and stress, so when you hit the gym stick to this recommendation,  because it can be helpful.

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