Banana is probably the most popular fruit all around the world. Although there are various doubts about how healthy banana really is and is it really bad for people that are overweight, bananas are counted as healthy fruit with amazing nutritional and health benefits for human organism. Even though bananas are rich in sugar they are also packed with dietary fiber, as well as vitamins and minerals that are essential for our health. But it is not just the banana that has the amazing benefits for health and beauty; banana peels also have amazing benefits.

To eat the banana we have to peel it and the peel usually goes into the trash can. But the peel of banana is also packed in essential nutrients just as the fruit itself and can be used for various health and beauty treatments. We give you some interesting and helpful ideas to use banana peels and you will sure think about throwing them away next time you eat a banana.


Banana peels are rich in minerals like calcium, iron, manganese and zinc. They also contain vitamin C and E. all these nutrients work against skin irritations and prevent appearing of acne. Banana peels are also rich in various carotenoids among them lutein. They have strong antioxidant powers that protect the skin from irritations and inflammations.
Use of banana peel to treat acneAMAZING-USES-OF-BANANA-PEELS-2
Wash and clean your face. Take a peel of banana and rub it all over your face. Leave on for 5-10 minutes and then wash off with water. Use this treatment twice a day so that you get clean and acne free skin.

Wrinkles are the signs on our skin caused by aging. When the skin starts to lose its elasticity and softness it starts forming lines that grow deeper with age. Peels of banana are rich in vitamin C and other antioxidants that will protect the skin from harmful effect of free radicals that are one of the main causes of premature wrinkling. Treating your face with peels of banana will also help your skin become tighter and more elastic which will lower the visibility of the wrinkles.
Use of banana peel to treat wrinkles
Rub in the banana peel on clean skin and leave it for half an hour and then wash off with water. Hydrate your face with your regular cream after. Repeat this treatment 3 times a week for beautiful and youthful skin.

Peel of banana is amazing natural remedy that can relieve irritation of skin that is caused by insect bites or some plants. If you rub your skin with the inner part of the peel it will soothe irritation and prevent itchiness. Since banana peels contain magnesium and vitamins C and E as well as histamine you can freely use it to treat mosquito bite or ivy sting.
Use banana peel to soothe irritation
Place a peel of banana with its inner part on the place on the skin that is irritated. Leave it on the skin for 15 minutes. Then remove the peel. If necessary repeat the treatment few times.

Banana peels are rich in esterificated fatty acids that are used in cosmetic industry for production of scar removing treatments. The peel of banana can significantly reduce the inflammation and irritation on the skin and that way lower the visibility of the scar.
Use banana peel to remove scars
Take peel of banana and apply it on the skin that is scared. Make sure you set it on place covering it with a bandage. Leave it overnight. Repeat the treatment every evening until you notice the color of the scar changing.

Banana peel can also help remove warts from the skin and prevent appearance.
Use banana peel to remove warts
Place inner part of the banana peel on the wart and stick it with bandage or band aid. Leave it overnight and remove in the morning. Repeat the treatment every night until the wart is gone.

Banana peels can help you make your feet soft and smooth thanks to their hydrating benefits. The peels are rich in vitamins A, E, C and E as well as amino acids that will make the skin on your feet perfectly smooth.
Use banana peel for soft feet
Pick up the inner part of the banana peel with a spoon and rub it all over the cracked and rough skin on your feet. Leave it on for a while and then wash off. Repeat this treatment 2-3 times a week until your feet are velvety smooth.

Since peel of banana can help with inflammations and irritations on the skin it can also be effective natural remedy for bruises.
Use banana peel to remove bruises
Just rub in the part of the skin where the bruise is with the inner part of banana. You can also stick the peel on the bruise and leave it overnight so that it can heal faster.

Peel of ripe banana is rich in calcium that can remove yellow spots from your teeth and whiten them naturally.
Use banana peels to whiten teeth
Brush your teeth with your usual paste and rinse well the oral cavity. Take peel of banana and rub your teeth with the inner side for about 2 minutes. Rinse well after. Repeat this treatment every day.

Thanks to the calcium it contains banana peel can help you get rid of the tension from headaches and migraines. It is considered as effective natural remedy for headache and all you need to do is place it on your head.
Use banana peel for headache
Put banana peel in a fridge to cool it down for an hour. Apply one part on your forehead and the other on the back of the neck. Leave them on until they are warm. Repeat the procedure with new set of cooled peels.

Banana peels are rich in tryptophan, amino acids that can help your organism to calm down and get a good night sleep.
Use banana peel for better sleep
To sleep better you need to eat the peels of banana. If you can’t eat the whole peel scrape the inner part with a spoon and eat it.

Banana peels are rich in amino acids that improve the amount of serotonin your body produces. Serotonin is known as the hormone of happiness.
Use banana peel to improve your mood
Eat the banana peel. If you can’t eat it whole scrape the inner part and eat it.

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