Keto diet is one of the most popular diets and it is considered effective because it can give you fast and visible results. Therefore if you want to start we have here all the facts you need to know about keto diet, what to eat, what to avoid and what can you expect.


Ketogenic  or keto diet is a nutrition based on healthy fats and protein without carbohydrates.  When you don’t eat sugars your body has to use the stored fat deposits to provide energy and survive.  The diet is very popular because it provides fast weight loss on the areas on the body you have fat deposits on. You can lose all the visible extra weight fast and without starving yourself because the foods you can eat while on keto diet will keep you full for longer period.


When you start practicing keto diet you will bring your body in metabolic state called ketosis. It is a state when your body is getting energy from so called ketone bodies instead of carbohydrates.

Normaly your body uses carbohydrates as energy source. When digested they are turned to glucose that enters bloodstream and gives you energy. If you don’t eat any carbs your body will have to find some other energy source and replacement for the sugar because our brain needs it.ALL-THE-FACTS-ABOUT-KETO-DIET-3

When the body is in state of ketosis it uses the fat that is stored on the body to form the ketone bodies which it now uses as energy source. During this state, it is important to give the body good amount of protein because the ketosis itself is huge stress for the muscles and they need to be supplied with needed nutrients to prevent their decomposition.


If you are planning to start keto diet you basically need to give up every food that contains carbohydrates. That involves sugar, candy of all kind, fruits and fruit juices, bread, pasta, milk, yogurt, cereal, legumes as beans, lentils, chickpeas, root vegetables as potato, carrot, parsnip, bought souses as salad dressing, ketchup, mayonnaise and all kinds of alcohol drinks.


Foods you are allowed to eat while on keto diet are protein rich foods and healthy fats and oils. This means meat and fatty fish as salmon, tuna, mackerel, trout, eggs, unprocessed cheese, butter, kaymak, nuts and seeds, coconut oil, grape seeds oil, olive oil, leafy green vegetables, avocado, broccoli, tomato, pepper, garlic, dry herbs, salt, black pepper.

These food lists mean that you have to pay attention to what you put in your meals every day. You have to know what everything you buy contains because there are a lot of foods that are labeled as diet that contain carbohydrates. If you eat carbs during the diet you will disturb the state of ketosis and you will have to stop the diet and start all over again mainly because your body needs time to go back in this state.  Therefore it is recommended to buy your food from known seller and prepare it at home so that you limit intake of additives that processed food is packed with.


Keto diet mainly is all about meat and eggs with salads and fresh vegetables. So we give you simple one day meal plan if you want to try the diet. You can later make variations and make your meals for the rest of the diet.

Mushroom and peppers omelet fried on butter and tomato salad.

Pork steaks fried on grape seeds oil with avocado slices and green leafy salads.

Handful of mixed nuts

Cooked broccoli, with a slice of cheese.


There are 4 different kinds of keto diet that you can choose from depending on your body and physical activity.

Standard keto diet 
The total amount of carbs should be lower than 5 % daily and the protein and fats are increased along with other foods that are allowed depending on your body needs, especially if you do any sport. The only important thing is to keep the level of carbs as low as possible.

High protein keto diet
This type is similar to standard. Daily amount of carbs you need to be low the you only need to increase the protein and lower the fats you eat.

Targeted keto diet
Targeted keto diet is same as standard, the only thing different is you need to determine precisely the amount of carbs you eat at determined time around your exercise, because you have less chances to disturb the state of ketosis if you eat carbs about half an hour before your training. The carbs need to be easily digested with higher glycemic index because they act like energy shot before exercise.

Cyclical keto diet
This type of keto diet goes in two phases:
Keto phase when you stick to standard type of keto diet
Charging phase when you temporarily stop the state of ketosis and charge your muscles with glycogen. Usually keto phase is 6 days and charging phase is one day. In the charging phase stick to healthier kinds of carbs and even though you are eating carbs make sure you still keep them to normal level so that you don’t overcharge.


Even though ketogenic diet is very popular among people not everyone will get the wanted results. some people start losing extra weight fast and don’t experience any problem while dieting, others say that they constantly feel hungry, can’t lose weight, have digestion problems.

So according to this keto diet is not suitable for everyone. not everyone’s organism reacts good in the state of ketosis and not everyone is able to keep the organism in this state.

Science says that ketogenic kind of nutrition can help in treatment of various diseases as cancer, tumor, ovarian cyst, acne, obesity and heart diseases. It is helpful for people with epilepsy and can help in diabetes treatment.ALL-THE-FACTS-ABOUT-KETO-DIET-3

Researches show that ketogenic kind of nutrition with low sugar, normal protein and high fat intake can lower the risk of epilepsy attacks in children and also completely stop them in some children. However, even there are various researches, it is necessary to talk to a doctor before you decide to use it.

Experts say that keto diet can be helpful for people that have diabetes. It can help with insulin resistance, improve the health condition of people that have diabetes and also prevent it.

Temporary state of ketosis can help weight loss which is main cause for diabetes but diabetics must be careful about sudden increasing and dropping of level of glucose in the blood.


State of ketosis is a shock for human organism and it can cause some problems and health conditions.

First thing you can notice is keto flu. It is a condition with similar symptoms as flu that affects some people when they first start keto diet. It appears as a result of the process of adjusting of the organism to the new way of nutrition that is low in carbs.

You may also experience weakness, lack of energy, hunger, irritability, digestion problems, sleeping problems, loss of muscle mass, increased level of insulin, bad breath, changes in urine, diarrhea.

This diet can weaken your immune system and make you prone to viruses of all kinds. Since you cant eat enough fruits and vegetables your body will lack vitamins and minerals and similar nutrients. When you start dealing with weakness you will not be able to exercise and tone your body.

After you get out of the state of ketosis the kilograms you lost will come back when you start to eat carbs again.

It is not recommended to practice keto diet for longer period. It is good for short and fast results that will not last for long.

So bottom line is if you want to lose weight fast you can try keto diet. If you are looking for long term solution for slim but healthy body then healthy and well balanced diet along with physical exercise will definitely be better choice.

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