Lack of physical activity and bad nutrition usually causes almost all of us to gain weight during winter. The weight will usually increase as layers of accumulated fat around the stomach. However, stomach fat is not only a result of bad nutrition but also stress, sitting office job etc.

Spring is a period when we are usually all obsessed in getting back in good shape mainly to look good in a bathing suit.

Therefore, check out which kind of belly fat bothers you and learn the ways to get rid of it fast and easy.


This is a situation when amounts of fat deposit in the area around the belly button and the stomach looks like saggy tire. It is characteristic for people that spend a lot of time sitting as well as people that eat too much sugar and drink alcohol. Obesity, bad nutritional habits and lack of physical activity will be the main reason for you to get flat tire belly.

How to remove it: Although physical activity is important, it will not help if you do not stick to some healthy nutritional habits. Stop eating fast and processed food that is packed with trans fats, sugar and salt. Let your meals be mostly fresh and unprocessed foods.  Make sure the physical activity you chose is walking, but yoga or squats will also be more beneficial than going to the gum. If you have office job use every free time to walk to your job as well as around the office during your workday.


This kind of belly fat will affect people that are overstressed and deal with sensitive digestive system and irritable bowel syndrome. Stress causes bloating and the stomach looks boated and hard on touch. The fat is deposited in the middle of the stomach and is a result of increased production of cortisol that makes your body store stomach fats.

 How to remove it: The most important thing you should do is make sure you eat regularly and not to skip meals. Don’t eat fast and processed food and avoid excess amounts of caffeine. Make sure you find effective stress defense mechanism as walking in nature, breathing exercises, meditation, long showers and yoga. Sleep at least 6 hours and a cup of chamomile tea before you go to bed will soothe your stomach as well as your mind.


This kind of stomach is a concern of women that do hard physical work as well as gum addicts that eat same kind of food and can also affect you if you do too much belly exercises that can cause pressure on the hip and lower back muscles that will make your stomach go forward.

How to remove it: Nutrition that consists of vegetables, leafy greens, fiber, whole grain cereal and a lot of water will help you fight against this kind of stomach fat. Chose exercises that will help you reduce lower belly fat and be beneficial for your lower back such as squats and step outs.


This kind of belly fat is concern of very big number of new mothers. It is a result of pregnancy, as well as post partum stress. A lot new mothers find it hard to reduce body weight as well as organize their life in the months after giving birth and they are more prone to storing belly fat.  

How to get rid of it: Add omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids to your healthy nutrition. Make sure you eat sea fish, nuts, seeds, olive oil. These are nutrients that will be beneficial to help you remove fatty deposits, but they will also help you deal better with stress and tiredness that are common among new mothers. Kegel exercises are good for this kind of belly fat as well as stretching exercises. Make sure you get at least 6 hours good night sleep or at least practice afternoon naps.


People that suffer from this disorder say that their stomach is flat in the morning but starts bloating during the day. This is usually a result of food intolerance or some digestive disorder.

 How to get rid of it: To get rid of bloated belly you need to find what the cause of bloating is. some food may cause irritation to digestive organs. Gluten intolerance is probably one of the most common digestive disorders. Make sure you find out what kinds of food your organism has problems processing and try not to use them. You can also do tests. Make sure you eat fresh and unprocessed food. Breathing exercises are one of the best activity that will help you soothe bloated stomach.

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