Iron is very important element for healthy living. It is from the group of trace metals and human body needs small amounts of it that can mostly be taken from food.

Iron has a vital role in human organism since it is the main oxygen supplier for the heart, brain and liver. The presence of iron in the organism improves the production of hemoglobin which transfers oxygen from lungs to tissues. About 60 percent of iron in human organism is hemoglobin.

Another percent of iron in the blood is the protein myoglobin which is transfers oxygen to human muscles.

Iron is also important for providing energy to the body, helps growth of the organism, improves the work of the immune system, prevents tiredness, helps boost concentration, mental health and it also improves the neutralization of toxins and synthetic medication people use.


When your organism gets less iron then it needs for normal functioning it will eventually start to show in a form of various symptoms. Once you notice some of them it is recommended to get a blood check up so that you will get proper diagnose and therapy. We listed some of the most common symptoms of iron deficiency that will help you to notice this disorder.

This is probably the most common but harder to notice symptom of iron deficiency. If your life is filled with various responsibilities then it is very usual to feel exhausted. But when your organism lacks iron, the cells of the organs don’t get as much oxygen as they need which means you will not have the energy you need to get through the day. If you are constantly exhausted and it doesn’t pass even though you get proper rest then it may be caused by lack of iron.

Hemoglobin makes the color of our blood red and it is likely that you will become pale when you lack iron. But if your complexion is naturally pale then look in the inside of your lips and color or your gums.

Shortness of breath
No matter how deep you try to breathe if your cells don’t get enough oxygen then you will suffer shortness of breath. If you start dealing with this disorder doing normal things then the reason is lack of iron.

Increased heart rate
Increased heart is probably one of the latest symptoms you will notice in iron deficiency. It occurs when your organism functions on lack of iron for longer period. Increased heart rate can cause serious health problems with your heart and if it is caused by iron deficiency it is better to treat it in time so that you can keep your heart healthy.

Even though our organism is programmed to get the oxygen to the brain first it will still get smaller amounts then it really needs. This may cause swelling in the arteries which is main cause of headaches.

When deficiency of iron in the blood becomes anemia it is possible your hair to start falling out. This is because the body starts working in the surviving mode and it is transferring the oxygen when it is mostly needed to support main life functions. This means your hair will not get the oxygen that is vital for it health so the follicles in the roots die and fall out.

Low level of iron in the blood also affects the condition of your tongue, because iron significantly lowers myoglobin in the red blood cells which affects the amount of oxygen that gets to the tongue and its muscles. Low level of iron in the blood usually causes pain in the tongue or too smooth surface of tongue.

Restless Leg Syndrome
This is the situation when you just can’t stop patting with your foot. It is also interesting to say that about 15 percent of people with this syndrome are dealing with iron deficiency and it is characteristic that the lower the level of iron is the symptoms are harder and more expressed.

Because of the low amount of oxygen that gets to your brain and increased heart rate you may start to feel anxious without any real reason and iron deficiency may be a possible reason for it.

Heavy menstrual bleeding 
Women that are dealing with iron deficiency usually suffer from painful menstruation and heavy bleeding. They lose too much blood that their organism has problem replacing.


Food rich in iron is the best way to increase the amount of this trace metal in the blood. Besides foods that we are familiar with as good source of iron as spinach, kale, broccoli, parsley, Brussels sprouts, tahini paste, brown rice, dark chocolate and oatmeal, there are also others that we are not that familiar with and contain good amounts of iron.

One cup of beetroot has 1,1 mg of iron which is around 6 percent of your daily needs for this mineral. Besides iron beetroot is also rich in various healthy nutrients that are beneficial for human health can be counted as a food with strong cleaning properties which helps organism detox.

Besides being good source of healthy source of fiber as well as magnesium and potassium legumes as lentils, beans, soy beans and chickpeas are also rich source of iron that need to be on your menu daily especially if you deal with iron deficiency.

This is probably one of the healthiest fruits with strong antioxidant and anticancer properties. It is rich in iron as well as vitamin C which is a perfect combination for your organism to absorb. Pomegranate will speed up circulation and soothe symptoms of iron deficiency as exhaustion, vertigo and weakness.

Watermelon also has iron in combination with vitamin C which is the formulation in which human organism absorbs iron the best. Watermelon will increase the hemoglobin level in the blood and also hydrate your organism, prevent obesity and diabetes.

Japanese persimmon
This fruit has amazing benefits for your health and besides high amounts of potassium it is very rich in iron as well as vitamin C which make the best combination for the organism to absorb.

Mulberry is a delicious berry that grows on a tree, considered as one of healthiest berries. It is rich in iron and is perfect if you are dealing with iron deficiency. This berry is also packed with protein and healthy fiber perfect for people dealing with obesity.

Dates are also among healthiest fruits. Besides high amounts of natural sugar they contain they are also rich in iron that will help you deal with lack of this mineral. Besides for improving the level of iron in the blood dates are also a fruit perfect for heart health.

Dry plums
As we already said dry fruits naturally contain more iron than fresh. Dry plums are also rich in iron so they are good to boost up the level of hemoglobin as well as regulate digestion and prevent constipation.

Dry fruit like raisins contains more iron than fresh and since it is along with vitamin C our organism can absorb it better.

 Pumpkin seeds
Pumpkin seeds are amazing source of protein and are also rich in iron as well as vitamin B 12 which is also beneficial for improving your blood count.

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