Autoimmune diseases are disorders of the immune system when it starts to attack parts of the body because it is confusing them as the attackers. Scientific researches show that auto immune diseases are among the 10 most dangerous for women younger than 64.

There are more than 80 kinds of auto immune diseases but most of them have similar symptoms. It is very important to notice the symptoms in the early stages of the disease so that you can react in time, get proper medical treatment and improve quality of your life, which is probably the most important step in fighting this diseases.


Lowered mental ability

If you feel like you are constantly dealing with headache that is followed with confusion and you feel like your mental abilities are lowered you may need to pay a visit to your doctor. Even though these are the symptoms that are common when you are exposed to stress and you sleep less than you need to, they can also point to a immunity dysfunction.

Skin problems

Skin problems as acne, dermatitis, eczema or rush are pretty disturbing because your skin will always look irritated and you always need to hide it and protect it. Make sure you visit your doctor especially if your usual treatments don’t help. Skin conditions are very common symptoms of auto immune disorders as hemolytic anemia, scleroderma, psoriasis

Allergy caused asthma

Some experts considered asthma to have auto immune base, and there are a lot of scientific researches that confirm this. If you notice asthma attacks that have some connection with any kind of allergen then it is recommended to visit the doctor and confirm the real reason behind the condition.


This is a symptom that is showing in almost all autoimmune diseases and is almost always the main sign. When you feel that your regular daily activity drain all your energy or you wake up more tired than you were before you went to sleep then it is good to speak to your doctor even though there are no other symptoms that will indicate your health is not as it should be.

Muscle weakness

Weak and painful muscles can lower the quality of your life since they can complicate every activity. The weakness can be occasional or constant but one thing is for sure-you shouldn’t ignore it. See your doctor because muscle weakness can be a symptom of autoimmune hepatitis, Hashimoto disease rheumatoid arthritis.

Digestion problems

Digestion problems like stomach cramps, gas, bloating, diarrhea or constipation can be very hard and exhausting for your organism. Even though there are various causes for these diseases they can also be a symptom of various autoimmune diseases as ulcerative colitis or thyroid malfunction.

Weight variation

There are various autoimmune diseases that affect the functioning of thyroid gland. If it starts producing increased amounts of hormones but it doesn’t excrete them your body weight can change drastically.

Stiffed extremities

If you start to feel stiffness and tingling in your feet and palms few times a week and is followed with other symptoms you need to check up your health since it can be  a sign of immune system dysfunction.

Hair fall

When the immune system starts to attack hair follicles, the skin on your scull will become irritated and you will start losing your hair.

Increased body temperature/fever

All of us will probably ignore fever that will show no other symptoms than increased body temperature. As body temperature can be a symptom of variety of diseases including autoimmune diseases.

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