Login Trouble

If you are having trouble logging in to your WordPress Administration Screen, here are some possible solutions.

Password Problems

For information on problems logging in due to a wrong or lost password, see Resetting Your Password. Remember: the Username and Password fields are case-sensitive.

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Enable Cookies

In order to make sure that cookies are enabled for your browser, you need to:

  1. Clear your browser cookies.
  2. Clear your browser cache.

To see how to clear cookies and caches on various browsers, visit Clearing Cache and Cookies.

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Check your Firewall

Some firewalls (e.g., eTrust Personal Firewall) block you from logging in to WordPress. Disable your firewall and try to log in again.

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If All Else Fails

If these steps fail, please indicate that you have tried all these possible solutions when posting at the WordPress Support Forum

Be sure to give details of your server setup, if you know it, including MySQL and PHP versions, as well as your operating system (OS), browser, and the WordPress version that is causing these problems.

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  • Removed technical parts from the end user doc. Mar 2-2022
  • Removed 2020-06-20
    • Removed ‘Secure HTTPS’, because its advice is modifying core file.

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